Core Ensemble

Brittany Trotter, flute

David Fitzpatrick, oboe

Ryan Leonard, clarinet

Kika Wright, bassoon

Amaury Morales, piano

Created in 2013, the Incidental Chamber Players is a music collective that puts music featuring woodwinds in the limelight. Our organization takes a unique approach in designing programs by focusing on a theme, then inviting all members of the collective to contribute in bringing the programs to life.

At its core, the ensemble is comprised of a woodwind quartet plus piano, and expands to include strings, bass, harp, and beyond in order to present the full spectrum of chamber music repertoire that involves woodwinds.

I.C.Players frequently performs at the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh, and have presented programs at venues including the Pittsburgh International Airport, Wallace Presbyterian Church, Canterbury Senior Center, Seneca Hills Senior Center, Nordy’s Place at the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Schenley Park Café and Visitor Center, and Biddle’s Escape.


Guest Musicians

Kristine Rominski, flute

Andrew Dotterer, oboe

Renate Sakins, oboe

Henry Ward, oboe

Ian Woodworth, oboe

Allyson Edington, clarinet

Charlotte Kies, clarinet

Linda Morton Fisher, bassoon

Austin Way, bassoon

Christina Garmon, horn

Rana Jurjus, horn

Kyle Morelock, horn

Melissa Hernandez, violin

Bethany Landby, violin

Greta Mutlu, violin

Dawn Posey, violin

Maija Anstine, viola

Katie Kroko, viola

Amber Rogers, viola

Si Yu, viola

Christina Chen, cello

Evan Kahn, cello

Timothy Paek, cello

Nadine Sherman, cello

Hannah Whitehead, cello

Matthew Feczko, bass

Amanda Rice-Johnston, bass

Mike Borowski, guitar

Natalie Severson, harp

Abby Langhorst, percussion

Colin Pinto-Martin, drums

Carly Noel Black, soprano

Ellen Fast, piano

Luis Hernández, piano

Uliana Kozhevnikova, piano

Alex Marthaler, piano




Kristapor Najarian Thomas Lang


David Fitzpatrick, Executive Director

Francisca Wright, Director of Development

Dr. Brittany Trotter, Director of Marketing



David Fitzpatrick, Chair

Francisca Wright, Secretary

Joseph Daron, Treasurer

Dr. Brittany Trotter, Member

Ryan Leonard, Member

Amaury Morales, Member

Kristine Rominski, Member



Articles of Incorporation

501(c)(3) Status