Elements V

Available Online on Sunday, May 30, 20215:00 PM (EST)

Curated by David Fitzpatrick, this program celebrates works from composers of biracial, bi-national, Jewish identity, and of immigrant experiences.

Free admission (Donations accepted.)

About the Elements Series
The impetus of the project was the University of Pittsburgh Gender Equity Report that concluded that health and economic futures for Black women were the worst in the entire country. As a majority BIPOC ensemble, we wanted to uplift the voices of our core members. Our mission is to perform works that have been forgotten and ignored, and we have expanded the mission to include people who are often forgotten and ignored in the classical music industry. The concerts focus on personal histories; Latin American identity; the idea of alienation from the viewpoint of a Honduran immigrant; a multicultural exploration of African American, French and LGBTQ composers.

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