Elements III: Mark Fromm

Mark Fromm (picture 3) has prepared an introduction for our third piece on the program, his composition titled Silent Spring for Soprano, Flute, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet and Piano (picture 2) which will run on Friday’s virtual I.C.Players concert. I.C.Players embarked on this Elements project with a direct eye on the 2019 University of Pittsburgh Gender Equity report, the executive summary of which is attached on this post (picture 1.) When we have conversations about the dangers of pollution to our environment, it should be woven into the need for structural change for the lives of marginalized folks in the Pittsburgh area. Historical practices of red-lining and so called “urban renewal”-such as when the city evicted the Lower Hill neighborhood in the mid-20th century (picture 4) – have dire consequences for the health, welfare and lack of generational wealth which disproportionately affect Black Women, Men as well as our Asian, Multiracial, Latinx, Native American and other members of our community. As you take in Silent Spring this Friday I hope that the experience is meaningful and reflective, and I can’t wait for you to participate.

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