Elements III: Mark Fromm

Mark Fromm (picture 3) has prepared an introduction for our third piece on the program, his composition titled Silent Spring for Soprano, Flute, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet and Piano (picture 2) which will run on Friday’s virtual I.C.Players concert. I.C.Players embarked on this Elements project with a direct eye on the 2019 University of Pittsburgh Gender EquityContinue reading “Elements III: Mark Fromm”

Elements III: Rebecca Clarke

Next up for Friday’s Virtual the Incidental Chamber Players concert Elements III is Rebecca Clarke’s Duo for Clarinet and Viola. A virtuoso violist herself, Clarke wrote comparatively few works under her own name (at times she would submit works in competitions under both hers and a male pseudonym, with the fictional male composer’s works beingContinue reading “Elements III: Rebecca Clarke”

Elements III: Andrew Griffin

This concert is about centering both my performing and composing colleagues as central relationships to the Elements that make up my musical life. Today’s entry is focused on “Prelude for Solo Piano” by Andrew Griffin. I met Andrew when we were both freshman at Carnegie Mellon studying music performance. Besides playing memorable orchestra concerts aroundContinue reading “Elements III: Andrew Griffin”