Elements III – Ryan Leonard

I’m going to share something that until now I haven’t been very public about. I woke up one morning in April 2020 without feeling in my ring and pinky fingers on my left hand. This did not improve on its own, so for the rest of 2020 my resting hand position looked like a half-claw, and I could not hold a reliable hand position on the clarinet. Until the diagnosis came through in early January 2021-ulnar nerve entrapment, a kind of cousin to carpal tunnel syndrome-I didn’t know if I was going to be able to ever play again. I could not have made it through the ensuing surgery and recovery without my wife, Kira, who not only rode the ups and downs of this but also stepped in to take over all of my concert work for this Incidental Chamber Players elements series. She took on everything in stride like the professional badass she is in every department. When you tune in, you’re seeing the work of all of my colleagues who stepped up to make this series a reality, and I wanted to take today to celebrate that. Cheers, and can’t wait for you to see it! Available until Friday, May 21st.

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